Fun health competitions educate individuals and groups while motivating them to take action and change through fitness, weight loss, nutrition and other lifestyle related topics. Our challenges are ideal for a single location group or a distributed workforce for morale building, competition, engagement and fun!


ChallengesTwo Types of Challenges:

  • Online - for added impact, tracking, communications, social messaging and program topic flexibility. Our online challenges are ideal for an office environment or distributed workforce.
  • Onsite - our onsite challenges offer a more hands on touch and can successfully be supported by onsite champions and personnel to promote and expose the challenge to your employees.


ChallengesExamples of Challenge Themes Available:

  • Fitness and steps competitions
  • Proactive weight loss contests
  • Nutrition and behavioural challenges
  • Personal, individual and team goals
  • Wellness themes
  • Stress and change

Our online Challenges are very flexible and can be adjusted to each site as required. For an even more powerful, integrated wellness program we can complement the online challenges with additional services such as:

  • Motivational and resource fit tips
  • Education
  • Health coaching
  • Nutrition and weight loss resources