Our assessments, screenings and profiles are designed to put critical health data at your fingertips.


assessmentsOur Assessments

  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) - This assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete. You are given an overview of your overall health, as well as a rating for each section. This score gives you a benchmark against future questionnaires so you can track your own progress. You are given a detailed report on where you stand health wise, alongside an action plan designed to help you create realistic goals to improve your health.
  • Resilience and Well-being Profile (R & WBP) - This self-awareness tool is the first step to change. It helps you identify potential areas to include: lack of balance, unproductive coping skills, lifestyle compromise and health risks may contribute to yours wellness, resilience and productivity challenges.
  • Readiness to Change Assessment - Our ability to change depends on our stage of readiness. The better prepared we are for change, the greater the chance we have to create long-term success. In this assessment, you can assess your own readiness to change, enabling you to create more realistic and attainable goals. 
  • Health Screens and Health Risk Checks - Our biometric screening process offers mobile clinics, fitness assessments, mini health screens and health checks. These initiatives motivate clients to stay healthy, regain their health and motivate participants towards change. 

Health Screening Examples Include:

Blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol screens, online assessments and consultations.