At 12 Weeks we have extensive experience in workplace wellness management, customer service response and management, program development and delivery. Supported by experts in lifestyle change, fitness, wellness and health management and promotion, we will work with our clients to establish schedules, location work and service guidelines in order to create a memorable and positive customer experience.

Our comprehensive personal health management portal allows the individual to participate in a fully online, self-directed and automated program.  

The program includes:

  • Online comprehensive assessments
  • Individual and team challenges
  • Incentive points program integration
  • Health resources, links and tools
  • Tracking of points from activities
  • Health and lifestyle change coaching support
  • Achieving milestones based on the designated program(s) 

12 Weeks also offers customized health promotion materials to get your employees excited about their health!

Support, planning and coordination of each service, responding to client needs, delivering quality control, materials and reports are all part of meeting and exceeding expectation all with minimal client administration, disruption and costs.

We design, present, and implement wellness programs that fulfill organizational wellness needs and assist participants in reaching their full potential.

We also assist organizations in improving their wellness programs over time by reviewing aggregate data and making recommendations for ongoing program management and improvement. Our 12 Weeks Account Managers will liaise with our clients and work directly with the onsite and online service providers to ensure the best possible delivery each and every time.


Fun health competitions educate individuals and groups while motivating them to take action and change through fitness, weight loss, nutrition and other lifestyle related topics. Our challenges are ideal for a single location group or a distributed workforce for morale building, competition, engagement and fun!

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Organizing a Health Fair is one of the most dynamic and successful ways to promote health awareness and health and wellness services. Our Health Fairs attract interest and maximize involvement from the total employee population, create awareness, fun, education and increase exposure to a healthy lifestyle.

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