Experience a more joyful and less stressful life. Increase your understanding of your triggers and responses to stress while you learn and practice strategies to build resilience and a buffer for difficult times. Being resilient during times of stress enables you to be who you want to be.

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12 Weeks to StressLess — Bouncing Back, Resilience and Stress Coping

Be More Resilient, Productive and Happy During Times of Stress

Our StressLess — Bouncing Back program is designed to assist you to manage the effects of stress.

By investing time and energy into completing this program, you will minimize the impact of stress and better manage your sources of stress. Our coaches, tools and resources will help you take charge of the stress in your life and open the door to experiencing more joy!

Through the Bouncing Back program, you will: 

  • Become more resilient, aware and happier with less stress and more purpose in your life
  • Understand the roles of stress and resilience
  • Increase your understanding of how stress impacts you
  • Articulate your Bouncing Back vision
  • Learn and practice effective stress management applications and strategies
  • Shift from feeling and thinking to setting action-oriented goals
  • Learn coping strategies and self-care to enhance your health

Our Personal Wellness Portal contains many customized widgets and some of the following as needed:

  • Confidence building assessments and quizzes: Stress Assessment, Online Health Risk Assessment, Online Resilience and Well-Being Profiler, Readiness to Change, etc. (plus, in some cases, nutrition/food journal)
  • Goals setting and objectives tools sheets and forms
  • Readiness to Change form
  • Related tips applicable resources and articles
  • 12 Weeks to Wellness topic-specific online workbook 
  • Online Healthy Eating module   
  • Online Support audio files (specific to mindfulness and weight loss)
  • Client survey

Experience your life with less stress and cope better with the stress you have. You will increase your confidence, focus, be happier, more aware and healthier. Change what you want with the help of your coach, our tools and resources.

In this program you will increase your understanding of your triggers and responses to stress and how stress impacts you. Create a vision of a more joyful, less stressful life while you learn and practice strategies to build resilience and optimism that will make you stronger during difficult times.

Undergo change at your own pace through an easy-to-use process, including topics such as:

  • Creating awareness of stressors and responses 
  • Choosing priorities for action
  • Identifying personal core values 
  • Increasing optimism
  • Setting boundaries and saying ”no” without guilt
  • Simplifying your life 
  • Taking action on procrastination
  • Gathering your tribe for social support
  • Reducing negative coping strategies
  • Building healthy lifestyle habits

Learning formats, online guidance and direction

  • Work with your own personal wellness portal (mobile on any device) and the self-directed Bouncing Back workbook.
  • Select the length of telephonic coaching with messaging, notifications and or video coaching, etc.
  • Use online tools, trackers and learning resources.
  • Assessments can vary depending on outcome requirements and budget. Standard program includes Resilience and Well-Being profiler and Readiness for Change inventory.

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