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Gain greater clarity and focus, improve decision making, strengthen relationships and be in better control of your emotions during difficult times. Achieve calmness and peace, happiness, joy, positive energy and less stress. Mind my wellness is a new way of being.

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Mind My Wellness – Living Mindfully

Mindfulness Coaching

Take your well-being and yourself to a new level with calmness and peace, happiness, mental clarity, better relationships, more positive energy and less stress.

We all lead extremely busy lives where we are pulled in a million different directions at once. Being mindful isn’t always easy but if we get even a little better at it, we benefit significantly in ways we could never have planned. By learning to pay attention to what’s inside, you increase your ability to manage difficult situations and make better choices with a clear mind. 

Learn how to pay attention to what is going on inside and out in the moment and you can increase your ability to manage any situation. Make better choices with a clear and focused mind through a proven, easy-to-use, coach-led process. 

Our certified coaches trained in mindfulness will help you learn easy-to-use meditation and mindfulness practices involving an introduction to mindfulness, breathing techniques, tips for staying present and understanding the relationship between mindfulness and meditation. By being more aware of your mind-body connection and relationships with yourself, others and the universe you will significantly increase your understanding of yourself, how mindfulness impacts your life and what you can do to reach your goals.  

In this program you will learn:

  • Techniques of practical, everyday mediation
  • How to practice mindfulness with ease and clarity
  • How to bring mindfulness to everyday circumstances

Your Personal Wellness Portal contains many customized widgets and some of the following, as needed:

  • Confidence building assessments and quizzes: Online Health Risk Stress Assessment, Online Resilience and Well-Being Profiler, Readiness To Change, etc. (plus, in some cases, nutrition/food journal)
  • Goals setting and objectives tools sheets and forms
  • Readiness to Change form
  • Related tips APPLICABLE RESOURCES and articles
  • 12 Weeks topic-specific online workbook 
  • Online Healthy Eating module    
  • Online Support audio files (specific to mindfulness and weight loss)
  • Client survey

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Our 1, 3 and 6 hour Introductory Let’s Get Started Packages are designed to help you begin building lasting habits that will change your life. You can also add hours as you choose!