Set yourself on a new path and experience the best health of your life with new, positive habits.

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Set yourself on a path to be HEALTHIER & HAPPIER

Live your life with more confidence, focus, lasting weight loss, be happier, more aware and healthier. Change what you want with the help of your coach, our tools and resources.

In this program you will increase your understanding of how to take better care of yourself and make time for what is important to you. You will learn your triggers and responses to food and how food impacts you, creating a more joyful, healthier life while you learn and build a foundation for lasting health and well-being, healthy eating habits and weight loss.

Undergo Change at your own pace through an easy-to-use process, including:

  • Setting realistic and attainable goals
  • Creating awareness of food patterns and your responses to them
  • Choosing priorities for action
  • Identifying personal core values 
  • Increasing optimism
  • Setting boundaries for healthy food without guilt
  • Simplifying your life 
  • Taking action on the poorer eating habits
  • Gathering your tribe network for social support
  • Reducing negative coping strategies
  • Building healthy lifestyle habits

Learning formats include online guidance, direction and learning tools within your own Wellness portal, available on any mobile device.

  • Use the 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness workbook program online or in hardcopy.
  • Select your optimal length of telephonic coaching with messaging, notifications and or video coaching, etc.
  • Use online tools, audio files and learning resources.
  • Assessments can vary depending on outcome requirements and budget. Standard program includes Health Assessment, Resilience and Well-Being profiler and Readiness for Change inventory.
  • Improve your outcomes with the 12 Weeks to Healthy Eating website module and individual goal and progress trackers.

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