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Feel empowered with energy, motivation and knowledge to create your winning, progressive, step-by-step plan that will get you moving, and feeling more active, stronger and alive! Whether you need to just start moving more for optimal daily function or you want to take it to another level and reach your personal best, you can do it!

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Fitness Coaching

Get on the right track with your fitness, energy, health and well-being!

Focus on work-life balance, fitness and activity issues. Make a positive change toward a healthier, more active lifestyle with this dynamic coaching program, which includes a certified health / fitness coach. This program uses a series of awareness and confidence building assessments, coaching, support and change tools, the 12 Weeks to Wellness workbook (which contains a strong background on fitness training) and safe, progressive fitness principles and information. 

Learn the best and safest approach to leading a more active life based your own goals and/or limitations. Design a progressive, customized plan to move more every day, creating an optimal life or going to the next level and eclipsing your personal best. Depending on your needs, cardiovascular, strength and resistance training, functional movements, flexibility, and posture are all incorporated. You will also learn how to continue and progress beyond the 12 weeks for a lasting, active life. Your certified coach and fitness professional will work with you to understand your lifestyle, along with your needs and potential obstacles. You will receive learning tools and suggestions that allow you to fit the most effective exercise and activity into your already busy schedule. 

This program may include tools for:

  • Weight loss
  • Healthy living
  • General physical conditioning
  • Lifestyle-specific activity and functional training
  • Injury prevention
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • General or specific strength and resistance programs
  • Flexibility programs
  • Back care programming
  • Pre/post-natal
  • Posture training
  • Work-related conditioning
  • Short and long-term behaviour change
  • Improved stress coping and management
  • Re-establishing a balance in work and life
  • Positive lifestyle changes
  • Healthy solutions for ongoing work and life productivity

Your Personal Wellness Portal contains many customized widgets and some of the following, as needed:

  • Confidence building assessments and quizzes: Online Health Risk Assessment, Online Resilience and Well-Being Profiler, Readiness to Change, etc. (plus, in some cases, nutrition/food journal)
  • Goals setting and objectives tools sheets and forms
  • Readiness to Change form
  • Related tips, applicable resources and articles
  • 12 Weeks topic-specific online workbook 
  • Online Healthy Eating module   
  • Online Support audio files (specific to mindfulness and weight loss)
  • Client survey

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Our 1, 3 and 6 hour Introductory Let’s Get Started Packages are designed to help you begin building lasting habits that will change your life. You can also add hours as you choose!