We believe everyone is unique and that each of us has the potential of leading a fulfilling life regardless of the overall goal.

Coaching is a powerful, effective method to help bridge work-life challenges and objectives with the solutions that will optimize your well-being, productivity and performance, in all aspects of your life or targeted to your specific goal. 

Our general approach is client-centred and strength-based, supporting goals determined by you, encouraging self-discovery and providing accountability and education. The coach partners with you to support you on your road towards wellness and optimal health.

Our coaching change programs are successful because they focus on identifying underlying beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back.  By tackling your attitudes and beliefs first, you learn to develop healthy habits and behaviours for long-lasting wellness, performance and resilience.

Your program gives you access to many different coaching options, involving various assessments, profiles, tools, resources and learning modules to complement your coaching process and sessions. 

Your coaching sessions involve:

  • Setting achievable, realistic and meaningful goals
  • Working with you to create effective manageable plans for change
  • Creating a foundation where you feel supported and empowered to be successful
  • Motivating and supporting you in the development of new healthy techniques
  • Developing accountability and behaviours
  • Encouraging you to track your changes
  • Sharing and evaluating progress (and barriers), through reassessment
  • Employing strategies to maintain your progress

The three phases of your coaching are:

  1. Pre-Coaching: Includes reviewing your assessment and building a relationship with you.
  2. Active Coaching: Your purpose and goals are clarified and a personalized plan is developed with a commitment to act.
  3. Follow-Up: Your plan and new behaviours are enacted and coaching feedback is provided.

12 Weeks’ uses an evidence-based approach to health coaching that includes the use of our integrated coaching software that allows clients to share their health information, progress and activity with their coach, working together as a team through every step.