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Feel free, confident and happy to eliminate old patterns and engage in new, healthy habits that allow you to lose weight for good.

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12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness Group Coaching

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What kind of success are you having with losing and keeping the weight off? 

  •  Sick of thinking about food all the time?
  •  Worn out from the “diet roller coaster”?
  •  Are you ready to stop dieting forever?

Increase your self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence 

with our balanced and holistic approach to weight loss.


Learn how to manage emotions and stress to improve both quality of life and eating 

in a supportive online group environment


With our group coaching approach you’re not alone. 12 Weeks to Wellness has helped over 9,000 people experience a positive, sustainable difference in weight loss and well-being.

Your coach is at your side providing, encouragement, feedback, proven tools and resources as you learn to apply the 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness strategies and tactics to your lifestyle.


Your success is shaped on the concept of building healthy habits 

with incremental growth and change over time

—supported by repetition, reinforcement, coaching and group support.

Each of the 6 interactive group sessions presents you with a motivating combination of education, real-world scenarios, problem solving, group interaction and ongoing reinforcement as it applies to your weight management situation. Full course outline

You will experience individual feedback and coaching, plus the opportunity to network and share your experiences with fellow 12 Weeks members. 

“I changed my eating habit, walking more everyday as form of exercise, socializing more and now feel a lot better and focused.”

Through your change process, our knowledgeable and experienced coaches will provide you with practical exercises, refine your weight loss plan and practice strategies.

What You Will Learn 

  • Discover what’s keeping you from reaching your goals,
  • Learn a non-diet, balanced and holistic approach to weight loss 
  • Manage emotions and stress to improve both quality of life and eating
  • Enhance self awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence
  • Learn how to eliminate unhealthy and unproductive patterns and replacing them with fresh, new health habits weight loss habits for life,
  • Strengthen your resolve and motivation to lose weight and keep it off,
  • Set value-based realistic goals for long term success,
  • Gain peer support, accountability and community from others in the group with similar experiences and stories 

This is what you get

  • 12-Week program with six, bi-weekly group sessions
  • Six, home-study sessions with videos, powerful questions and exercises
  • A one-hour, one-on-one coaching session with a weight and wellness coach
  • 140-page, 12 Weeks to Weight Loss & Wellness workbook 
  • Self- paced and online, healthy eating module
  • Moderated, private 12 Weeks Facebook group
  • Activity tracking tools on award winning wellness portal
  • Weight-loss strategies and tools
  • Accountability partner/buddy system

Our dynamic and motivating course helps you achieve:

  • Focus
  • Balance 
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Resilience 
  • Self confidence 
  • Self awareness

Course is based on the workbook “12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness” creating insights and coaching that will derive hope, motivation and success.

Experience positive change through a memorable and inspiring process with like-minded peers with our 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness team of experts and coaches committed to your success.

I feel a lot better! I changed habits slowly, perception and thinking towards things. I lost weight which makes me fell awesome inside out. I was able to achieve some goals slowly and gradually while in the program. Now I know I can do it.” 

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Our 1, 3 and 6 hour Introductory Let’s Get Started Packages are designed to help you begin building lasting habits that will change your life. You can also add hours as you choose!