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6-week course

  • Is your eating out of control? 
  • Do you find yourself snacking constantly throughout the day? 
  • Do you end up eating a lot more than you intended? 
  • Do you find yourself on auto-pilot, mindlessly snacking at night?

Increased stress and social isolation due to Covid 19 have caused many of us to develop a pattern of dealing with our emotions by reaching into the fridge or pantry even when we're not hungry.

It is time to get to the root of your emotional eating patterns. 

In this 6-week program you will learn about the triggers, cravings, and feelings associated with emotional eating, how to be in control and set realistic goals for intuitive, healthy eating. 

With our group coaching approach you’re not alone. Experience enhanced self-confidence and personal value in a supportive, online group environment with expert coaches on emotional eating. 

This is what you get

  • 6- Week program with 6 weekly 1 hour Zoom Emotional Eating Group sessions with certified coaches designed to create a supportive and motivating community for change 
  • Expert moderated web-based community (private Facebook group)
  • One private one-hour telephonic coaching session
  • Purchase extra coaching at reduced rate
  • Weekly discussions with Powerful questions, exercises and assignments
  • Emotional Eating strategies and tools
  • Accountability partner/buddy system

12 Weeks to Wellness has helped over 9,000 people experience a positive, sustainable difference in weight loss and well-being.

6-week course outline:

Week 1 – Observing your eating habits

Week 2 – Attunement Disruptors & Self Care 

Week 3 – Intuitive Eating & Eating rhythm, hunger, satiety vs. fullness

Week 4 – Feelings and the Food Connection

Week 5 – Self Talk & Self Compassion - putting it all together

Week 6 – Integration

What are the benefits of group programs?

  • Sharing stories frees up our thinking and allows us to see that what we are going through is not unique
  • Building support and accountability to make us realize we are not alone
  • Building a sense of community with like minded people to improve our sense of well being.

Your coach is at your side providing, encouragement, feedback, proven tools and resources as you learn to apply the 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness strategies and tactics to your lifestyle.

Your success is shaped on the concept of building healthy habits with incremental growth and change over time

—supported by repetition, reinforcement, coaching and group support.

Each of the 6 interactive group Zoom sessions present you with a motivating combination of education, real-world scenarios, problem solving, group interaction and ongoing reinforcement as it applies to your situation. Full course outline

You will experience individual feedback and coaching, plus the opportunity to network and share your experiences with fellow 12 Weeks members. 

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