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Emma CarpenterHealth & Wellness Strategist

Emma is a Health and Wellness professional with over 10 years of experience in the area of workplace health and wellness.  Emma has worked with many private sector and public organizations in Canada and Sweden helping them design custom wellness solutions that identify their employee's needs. In this role, Emma assists organizations by guiding them through critical steps in the process of building supportive workplaces, helping establish their health vision and goals, work with health ambassadors and workplace health committees, designing and setting up workplace health programs, establishing measures and charting progress.

Emma moved to Canada in 2005 and joined Homewood Health (previously Wilson Banwell Human Solutions) as their first Wellness Consultant.  At Homewood Emma eventually took on the role as Manager of health promotion services where she was responsible for quality assurance and profitability of Homewood’s growing Organisational Wellness products and services through managing day to day departmental operations and supervision of assigned staff. Before that she was the Project Manager for a national Health Certification service leading 30 health coaches across Sweden.

Emma graduated from the University of Gävle, Sweden in Health Education and Health Promotion with a specialization in health behaviour change.