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Charles CurtisGeneral Manager

Charles has been a leader in personal and. organizational fitness, Health and wellness since 1985. Charles is responsible for business development, major account issues, team support, new program and company directions as well as co-authoring the 12 Weeks trilogy of workbooks.
Charles has brought his passion for health, wellness, personal change and high service standards through many facets of business and the community and has redefined the new age of personal and workplace health, change and wellness. Charles' credentials include:
Owner of Curtis Personalized Health Management Ltd, a premier personal fitness, health and organizational wellness consulting firm.
Charles also was actively involved in developing 4 active rehabilitation clinics.
Local, national and international Summer and Winter Disabled Games experience as a cross country ski, track and swimming guide for the BC and the Canadian disabled team (visually impaired).
He continues to personal train select clients and has worked with some of the worlds' best known entertainers such as Aersomith, Motley Crue, Matthew MacConnaughey, Richard Dreyfus, and many more.
Charles' creative work, service standards and passionate team has placed 12 Weeks to Wellness as a leader in personal change and Wellness Management.