What kind of workplace culture do you want to create in 2023?

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One of the biggest issues we hear from our clients when it comes to their work life is; feeling overwhelmed with too much on their plate, with many skipping lunches and working overtime to get the job done. Studies show that stress and anxiety negatively impact work productivity. Job stress/anxiety also makes employees more prone to error, poor work performance, burnout, and conflict in the workplace. If these issues go overlooked, organizations can pay the price in higher rates of turnover, disengagement, and absenteeism.

It stands to reason that if you invest in your team and listen to their concerns you will cultivate a healthier work environment that in turn will produce better work. In a recent study conducted by 12 Weeks to Wellness, we found that 96% of clients experience improved general well-being after working with a 12 Weeks coach and 77% reported an increase in their job performance download white paper.

Often companies get too caught up in the work people are producing and overlook WHO is actually doing the work, and how they are actually doing. Wellness Coaching provides support and guidance to help people be their best selves in work and at home.

Our coaches are highly experienced lifestyle change experts who specialize in the area of health and wellness life management. We create customized support based on the individuals needs and set achievable goals along the way.
As the new year begins take stock of your staff and team and ask yourself these questions. Are your employees happy? What kind of culture do you want to create in 2023?
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