High Functioning, Low Fun?

High Functioning, Low Fun?

I often coach people who are totally oriented to achievement. "Where is the joy or fun in your life?" I ask. "It feels good to accomplish", they say. Of course, it does; everyone would agree. The trouble is if you get stressed and out of balance in the process of accomplishing something. Worse yet? Burnt out. 

Case in point- sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise are often the first things to go when your hair is on fire. Relationships and your social life may also suffer.

If you are someone who feels you must always accomplish something, know that doing unplanned and unproductive things also have merit. Creativity and connection happen in those spaces, as do relaxation and healing. The world will not fall apart in your absence.

Think about an infinite abundance of time versus a scarcity of it. How does that change things?

Making time and space for fun is also an important accomplishment. You deserve it! Make a list of what that might include. Dig deep, if you have to, and look into your past for clues of what might bring you joy. Now schedule it in, as you like to do, and check it off when you follow through.

Nature does not hurry-yet everything is accomplished- Lao Tzu

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