This Spring: Focus on Simplifying!


Clutter is stuck energy. When you clear clutter you release the flow of feel-good energy. You know what I'm talking about. Consider a big mess of food and dishes from dinner versus the feeling of a clean kitchen counter. Ahh, relief.

But we're not talking about cleanliness here so much as stuff. We cram it in drawers, on desks, in pantries and closets to the point we can't find anything and we don't even know what we have.

If you have difficulty letting go of your grade six report cards or your mother's tea set you might want to use these clearing questions (sometimes more than one) to help you determine what's a keeper and what needs to go. There is always someone who could make use of what you no longer need or want. Otherwise, there is always the trash.

Do I love it?
If the answer is an unequivocal "yes", it's a keeper. Love it or unload it.

Does it give me energy when I look at it, or think about it, or does it drain my energy?
If you get a sinking feeling, dread or obligation, you might be better off to let it go.

Do I need it? Is it useful? How useful?
If it is very useful, it's a keeper. If it's not that useful and easily acquired let it go.

Is it something easily retrieved from the internet?
Easy access to information negates the need to hang on to abundant paper and books.

Does it need to be repaired, and am I willing to do so now?
If it's been broken for several years, make a decision to repair it NOW or let it go.

If it's the memory you're after, would a photo of the object do the job?
A photo takes much less space, especially if stored digitally.

If I keep it, will I remember that I have it and where it is?
Be honest, now.

There are many reasons we hold on to stuff.

- We can't make a decision.
- We feel guilty letting go.
- We paid a lot of money for something.
- We hope a garment will fit someday.

Feel free to ask someone you trust to help if you need it. Remember, it's just stuff. Too much stuff contributes to your stress and does little to enhance your level of happiness.
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