Back to School - Healthy Sandwiches Made Easy

Back to School - Healthy Sandwiches Made Easy

There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating delicious sandwich options that your children will look forward to eating.

Have a variety of whole grain bread on hand.

Keep your children interested by getting creative when choosing ingredients for sandwiches. Even by just changing the type of bread the resulting sandwiches can be unique and limitless. There are lots of whole grain options out there from multigrain sandwich breads, bagels and croissants to mouth-watering flatbreads such as pitas, naan and tortillas. Keeping three different kinds of breads in your freezer, will enable you to mix things up a bit, even if the insides of the sandwich are similar ingredients. Fiber is important for gut health and it keeps you full longer, so try and choose breads that have at least 2g of fiber per serving.

Presentation of food is as important for kids as it is for adults. So try making a sandwich that is not only nutritious and delicious but also pleasant to the eye and enticing to eat. One option is to use a cookie cutter to make fun shaped sandwiches. Show your love by using a heart instead of just a regular shaped sandwich.

Ideas for healthy ingredients to put in your sandwiches

There are so many options when it comes to healthy ingredients to make sandwiches out of. Proteins are a great option and using leftover dinner meats from the night before, helps to keep things interesting and different for the kids to eat. While many people might lean towards filling sandwiches with processed meats like ham, fresh cooked at home meat, is a much healthier option if possible.

Other alternatives could be deviled eggs, canned light tuna or even tofu.

Spreads can add additional flavour

Not only do spreads add moisture to sandwiches they also add a different flavour to them as well. Think of using alternatives to mayonnaise. You will find that hummus, guacamole, ricotta cheese, tofu spread and tzatziki can easily add a healthy, extra zest to any sandwich.

Additional ingredients to add to sandwiches - fruit & vegetables

As parents we are continually looking for ways to add fruits and vegetables into our children's diets. Naureen shares some of her favorite combos below. Let us know which ones you have tried.

1. Wowbutter and banana

2. Chicken, mangoes and avocados

3. Turkey, apples and cheddar

4. Chopped egg and celery

5. Tuna and olives

6. Grilled veggies and brie

7. Cheddar and apples

8. Dill, labneh and cucumber

9. Hummus and red peppers

10. Mozzarella basil and tomato

By having a range of textures and flavours and making the presentation unique, you will find that the key to a perfect sandwich is balance!

Naureen Hunani, RD

Naureen Hunani is a registered dietitian with over a decade of experience. She provides comprehensive, client-focused nutrition therapy aimed at addressing the client as a whole person.

Her approach to nutrition is mindful, intuitive and her interventions are rooted in an evidence-based approach. She takes great pride in her work and has been featured on Breakfast Television, CBC radio and Huffington Post Canada.

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