6 Ways To Stay Active During The Holidays


The holiday season can be a cause of weight gain, stress, seasonal 'blues' and overscheduled calendars, so this year, give yourself the gift of fitness! A general recommendation is to incorporate activities that celebrate the season; social gatherings with friends that involve something other than the usual overindulgence of food and drink.

You can enjoy the celebrations AND maintain a healthy focus. You can adjust your exercise program by reducing the number of days or by scheduling shorter bouts of exercise throughout the day. However it is recommended that every adult get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. (ACSM).

Here are some ways to stay active during the holiday season;

1. Join a gym that enthusiastically leads a HIIT or group resistance training class 2-3x per week.
2. Visit an indoor swimming pool
3. Drop in to your local community center and try an activity such as pickle ball, basketball, badminton, or ping pong.
4. Do a workout at home with what you have, (virtual workouts are available to follow).
5. Take the stairs whenever you can and park the car the furthest away from the stores.
6. Do an exercise before you decide to go for that 'little extra treat'.
Examples: 5 push ups, 3 burpees, 30 second wall sit or plank, or 8 jumping jacks.

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