4 Strategies to get back your movement mojo!


Have you lost your "mojo" as a result of the pandemic? You are not alone! When life throws us curve balls, we tend to drop one of the most important components of health, movement. The reality is that motivation often leaves us when we need it most but you can choose to accept that it is missing, complain and deal with the effects of a complacent mind/body or you can stand up, dust yourself off and get back in the game. Here are some strategies for you to try:

  1. Planning – put movement (exercise) in your schedule as another important meeting or appointment. This is a DATE with your fitness and mental health. Consider the days you want to work out, what time is best for you? What activities bring you joy or make you want to get out and do them? Alone or with a friend? Let's track those minutes every week either in an app or the good ol' fashion way of making notes in a wellness journal.
  2. Priorities – Instead of saying "I have to", train yourself to exclaim "I get to!" Prioritize your schedule and make exercise non-negotiable. Whatever you decide as a minimum that can be fit into your day becomes the allocated minutes no matter what! If you are feeling up to doing more or have time to extend the enjoyable activity, then indulge yourself.
  3. People – Everyone needs a team, friends, family and colleagues who are as invested in your success and willing to help you reach your goals. Share with these people what you need to do every day/week to stay committed to your exercise schedule. Your people, a coach or personal trainer can help you stay accountable and cheer you on.
  4. Purpose – what is your WHY? Write it out, draw it out, put it on a Post-it note and stick it somewhere you can see it every day! What are your goals; are they SMART? (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound). What is the real reason, desire and purpose for your goal? Why is it important to you?

Here are some other simple things you can do to find your mojo again:
  • Learn a new skill, try something for the first time. Say YES, when someone asks you join them for a new class, adventure or skill set.
  • Get outside, breathe in fresh air and tantalize the senses with a new environment.
  • Recalibrate your 'following list' on social media so you begin to see new things, enticing adventures, inspirational feeds, fresh workouts, nutritional recipes and new ways to feel like your best self.
  • Make a new playlist, music can make or break a workout.
  • Purchase some new workout gear and/or download a new app.

Release expectations of how you think things should be and just be consistent, incorporate rest and recovery days so that exercise is enjoyable and not a chore or detrimental to your well-being. Leave guilt and judgement out and do the best with what you have, when you can wherever you are.
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