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Coaching offers accountability and support in diabetes management

​In Canada, 50% of the working population lives with a minimum of one chronic condition which can have a huge impact on quality of life, as well as work performance.

Among these chronic health conditions, diabetes is one of the most prevalent ones of our times and may go undiagnosed as a silent condition in its early stages. With type 2 diabetes, symptoms tend to come on gradually, and you may have insulin resistance for 10-15 years before being diagnosed. Although there is no cure for diabetes, insulin resistance can be managed effectively through lifestyle changes, such as being physically active, eating healthy, limiting alcohol, and having good sleep and self-care habits. The fact that 78% of Canadians are not sufficiently active and 60% have poor eating habits is putting many of us at risk. With a focus on prevention, lifestyle changes, according to research, can prevent at least 70% of major chronic diseases

Health and wellness coaching can play a significant role in the prevention and management of diabetes. You may struggle with compliance to the recommendations by healthcare professionals for a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you have been told what to eat, how much and when but are struggling to do so consistently and making these changes work for your family and work life.

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