Emotional Eating Group Plan

Emotional Eating Virtual Group Coaching


Emotional Eating Virtual Group Coaching

(New group date will be published soon.)

Is your eating out of control? Do you find yourself snacking constantly throughout the day or night? Do you end up eating a lot more than you intended? Do you find yourself on auto-pilot, mindlessly snacking at night? Increased stress and social isolation due to Covid 19 have caused many of us to develop a pattern of dealing with our emotions by reaching into the fridge or pantry even when we're not hungry.

Break the cycle for good! It is time to get to the root of your emotional eating patterns. 

In this 6-week program you will learn about the triggers, cravings, and feelings associated with emotional eating, how to be in control and set realistic goals for intuitive, healthy eating. Experience enhanced self-confidence and personal value in a supportive, online group environment with expert coaches on emotional eating. 

  • 6- Week program with 6 weekly 1 hour Emotional Eating Group sessions with certified coaches designed to create a supportive and motivating community for change 
  • Expert moderated web-based community (private Facebook group)
  • One private one-hour coaching session
  • Purchase extra coaching at reduced rate
  • Weekly discussions with Powerful questions, exercises and assignments
  • Emotional Eating strategies and tools
  • Accountability partner/buddy system

Limited to only 16 spots.  First come first service so sign up now!

if the course is sold out or date not yet published, please send a message to support to get a notification to book for the next date.

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